Getting started

Are you ready to create your own website, that you completely control? Before we dive into the project, here are a few things to know about how this website works.

The Rebel Web is your guide to creating an identity on the internet. If you follow the articles one by one, you’ll end up with a website of your own design at a domain name of your choosing, for all to see.

How to use this site

Articles are organized in a sequence from start to finish, so it’s strongly recommended that you read them in the order shown, but feel free to skip an article if it is familiar to you. Each article will present one bite-size piece of the puzzle that combines to create your website.

We use footnotes1 to point you to deeper knowledge on a topic, definitions, and other errata. It is never required to read footnotes to get your website up and running! We include them to allow you to go deeper only if you wish to. Click the footnote superscript to jump to its content, and then click the arrow at the end to return to the reference point.

Some code, variables, markdown, and other values that you will be working with are shown as “inline code,” like this. When values appear like that, it indicates that the value should be used exactly as shown, without any surrounding quotation marks and so forth.

Creating websites involves writing code. Longer blocks of code will be shown in a fancy, color-highlighted fashion to aid in legibility. The colors of code shown on these pages may not be the same as what you see in your own editor. That’s OK!

How to make a website

To put a website online, you need the following things:

  1. The website’s files themselves, the “source code” and media like images and so forth that are displayed there.

  2. A web server that “hosts” those files and serves them to visitors.

  3. A domain name by which your site can be reached.

And that’s it! Once you have those three things, you have your own website.

The Rebel Web is here to guide you through the process of assembling these three things and putting your first website online. No matter where you are on your journey, The Rebel Web is here to help.

  1. Like this one ↩︎